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Hydration- Face


A luxury gift set full of rich hydration for face and lips! Our beautifully curated box of Jewelle essential facial care products are sure to be enjoyed by anyone desiring a healthier brighter complexion. Included in this set is a customizable card to personalize each gift to your loved ones.

Radiant Facial Oil- Legendary virgin argan, jojoba and camellia oil. These oils are rich in vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate and nourish skin. These multitasking oils help to heal, condition, and provide anti-aging properties for a nourished healthy glow. Anti-inflammatory properties aid in taming redness, and keeps skin calm and comfortable while locking in moisture. Ingredients: Camellia seed oil, jojoba oil, vrigin argan oil. 2 oz glass eye bottle.

Refreshing Facial Mist- Full of hydrating moisture-enhancing ingredients with absolutely no chemical fillers. Coconut water and aloe vera soften and infuse skin with moisture-loving properties. Peppermint essential oils provide a crisp refreshing pick me up anytime of day. Boost the absorption power of moisturizing facial oils like our Radiant Facial Oil. Fine mist spray works great as a makeup setter. Ingredients: Water, Coconut Water ( coconut water, glycerin, coconut fruit juice), aloe vera, peppermint essential oil. 2 oz glass bottle.

PM Fine Line Creme- Hydrate and soften common fine lines with this intensive night hydration creme. With the use of carefully selected vitamin rich oils and butters this thick creme continues to work throughout the night as you’re catching your beauty sleep. Ingredients: Shea butter, Avocado butter, Pomegranate seed oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Virgin Argan Oil, Lavender essential oil, Rose essential oil, Ylang ylang essential oil. 1 oz glass jar.

Brightening Facial Balm- A unique exfoliating and moisture treatment all in one. The use of vitamin rich oils such as pomegranate seed oil, calendula oil and sunflower oil quickly brightens any dull or dry complexion. Nourishing shea butter binds this treatment together for a creamy balm-like texture. The use extra fine sugar crystals gently exfoliates the delicate facial skin. Jasmine floral wax provides an elegant aroma to this treatment leaving your skin even-toned, glowing, and deeply hydrated. Ingredients:Extra fine sugar crystals, shea butter, sunflower oil, pomegranate seed oil, calendula oil, jasmine floral wax. 1 oz glass jar.

Minted Lip Balm- Soft + smooth all natural lip balm in a unique oval tube! A favorite 2 pack so you always have a Minted Lip Balm close by. This balm hydrates and heals your lips with the best natural butters and oils for your lips. Formulated with nutrient rich ingredients such as mango butter, and castor oil to promote healing, softening & moisturizing. Ingredients: Mango butter, beeswax, castor oil, lanolin, peppermint essential oil. 0.15 oz oval tube.

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