About Jewelle


Hello, I'm Aubrey and I'm so happy our paths have crossed! I'm a chef instructor and natural skin care fanatic! As a chef instructor, everyday I teach about what goes into our bodies, but we need to be equally as mindful of what we put on our bodies too. Once I seriously began researching what was in my favorite skin care and cosmetic products I was mortified!
Being limited on the commercial products I then trusted I began producing my own. With many years of research and testing I am pleased to introduce my tried and true products to you all. With my ever-talented sister at the helm of product design I am so proud to present a beautiful product with the best ingredients for your skin from nature.
I trust you will love these products as much as we do!


What we believe skin care should be.

We believe skin care should be equally as nourishing to our bodies as the food we eat. The products we place on our skin can be absorbed into our blood stream. We only create formulas with truly natural ingredients that we feel safe having at home and around our families.  


our mission.

 At Jewelle we work to create natural care products with ingredients from nature. All of our products are produced by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area in small batches.